WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter, Version 2.0 released

March 18, 2013 by Chris   Comments (5)

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Hello everyone! Today I have released Version 2.0.1 of my Calendarimporter-Plugin.  This is mostly a bugfix release with a few new features.

Mail AttachmentOne of the new features is, that you can now import calendars that are attached to an mail directly!

This functiony is available for files with the following extensions: .ics, .ifb, .iCal, .iFBf


As part of the completely rewritten timezone management I have introduced the "Ignore DST" button, which will tell the iCal parser to ignore the daylight saving time offsets.

Calendarimporter 2.0

You can now configure a default timezone for the importer in the webapp settings. If the parser detects a different timezone it will automatically switch to that one.

In the previous versions, all date/time calculations were done in JavaScript. Since 2.0 that calculations are done on the server with PHP. You need at least PHP 5.3 to run this plugin.

I also improved the exporter, which now can export more than 50 events. The 50 events limitation came from the list-module in the webapp. It has a hardcoded paging option set to 50 events per page. So now I am requesting all pages of the calendar and merging them together. Hopefully Zarafa fixes this limitation soon.


You can download the Plugin here: https://community.zarafa.com/pg/plugins/project/16145/developer/h44z/webapp-ical-calendar-importer


UPDATE: new Version 2.0.2 is out. It's a bugfix release, so please update your installation.



UPDATE: version 2.0.3 includes a fix for all-day events!


Very nice, thanks for your contribution.

Felix Bartels 2291 days ago

Hi Chris. I just tried version 2.0.2  and it works great, thanks! One small issue: when importing a Google ics calendar the appointments that have a comma "," in the location field (for example "Amsterdam, the Netherlands") end up imported in Zarafa Calendar with a backslash ("Amsterdam \, the Netherlands"). Cheers, Patrick

Patrick 2251 days ago

Hello Patrick,

you can fix this by adding the following to the customFilters function:

(edit <path to webapp>/plugins/calendarimporter/php/ical/class.icalparser.php)


Line 234: if (stristr($keyword, "SUMMARY")) {

should be: if (stristr($keyword, "SUMMARY") || stristr($keyword, "LOCATION")) {

This is how you can add filters to any keyword that is parsed from the ical file.

Hope that helps!

Chris 2251 days ago

Hi Chris.

I've just installed the new version 2.0.2 bu if I import an ics-calender, normal Events will be displayed as expected but every time if there exist all-day Events, they will be displayed for the Day I have planned and the following Day.

I have no idea what the cause is. Maybe the timezone or the summer/wintertime!? When I change the timezone of the Server, Local Computer and Zarafa nothing happens. Also nothing happens if I change the timezone in the plugin where I Can choose the events and Import them. I also checked the code but I haven't found any issues or Problems.

Best regards, xenix

simon 2214 days ago

Hello Simon,

i have uploaded a new release, which includes a fix for allday event!




Chris 2204 days ago