Final buildnumers sometimes other then latest Beta

January 3, 2013 by Remon van Gijn   Comments (0)

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At times from internal or external people we get the question why the build numbers deviate between the latest build and the latest beta.

It would be good and pure practice to only promote released Beta's to Finals, from a release perspective. But on the other hand releasing a Beta + the usual grease period would again mean a delay for usage of the large amount of fixes in the release being deployed. And what is it we change after a beta that causes the rebuild?

Being a progressive company, and set of people we always take the practical approach towards things, and above all like to stick to our release schedule format (at least I constantly remind them to). We have a goal to do releases with a single Beta, each Final is 6 weeks apart, and we do about 4 weeks development before a beta. Then 2 weeks to a final. This is then done on 2 production branches. Not always simultanious to complicate matters...

So back to the question; why do the build numbers change sometimes?

Sometimes we do want to change minor or very isolated issues that do not warrant a renewed Beta. Naturally we then are convinced that they are very isolated and very well testable by us. It also happens we change items to our release build systems that improve release or build mechanisms. And that as well causes a rebuild then, as the build systems and release systems are a product by itself actually.

But whatever happens with the code. You can always review the change log, and Jira. These items tell you exact what changes, also between latest Beta and Final if it was needed.