Z-admin 1.3.0 final released.

December 17, 2012 by Robin   Comments (0)


Dear Zarafa community,


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Z-admin 1.3.0.

This is the 1.3.0 final release of Z-admin. We made around 70 fixes, updated ZCP and Z-push to the latest versions.We updated the documentation and there was a change to the repositories.

To install or upgrade Z-admin you can use the following repositories:

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: http://repo.yaffas.org/releases/latest/lucid
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:
Debian 6 http://repo.yaffas.org/releases/latest/squeeze

Ubuntu and Debian reporsitory key: http://repo.yaffas.org/repo.deb.key

Rhel 5 and 6: http://repo.yaffas.org/releases/latest/rhel/$releasever

Rhel repository key: http://repo.yaffas.org/repo.rpm.key


For more information on installation and on how to add the repositories please read our manual:

For all the changes in this release of Z-admin please check the project page:

For all feedback on this release please use our forums:

Kind regards,

Zarafa QA