Very positive feedback for the »Linux Solution Day 2012«

November 30, 2012 by Ansgar H. Licher   Comments (0)

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"A really (!) successful event!": We received this and many similar positive responses from the participants of the Linux Solution Day 2012 (8th November 2012 in Osnabrück, Germany), which was presented by LWsystems toghether with the support of its partners Zarafa, Univention, ownCloud and mm-concept. The event exceeded all expectations and was well recieved by its over 50 participants, which made it the most outstanding Linux Solution Day this far.
Various talks were held, beginning with the Keynote of Ansgar Licher (LWsystems GmbH & Co. KG) with the title «Chance or risk? How «Consumerization» and «Bring Your Own Device» (BYOD) will change the world of IT.» and closely followed by «Zarafa -Who needs Exchange anyway?» from Andreas Rösler (Zarafa Deutschland GmbH).

The final presentation was on Benno MailArchiv 2.0 (released in September 2012) and how it is able to safe your organization a lot of time and money.

The participants used the time between sessions for intensive discussions and exchange of expertise, both among themselves and with the experts. Numerous contacts were made also at the dinner that took place subsequent to the official part of the event in a pleasant atmosphere with good food in the center of Osnabrück.

LWsystems thanks all sponsors and participants who contributed to the success of this unique event. We are already looking forward to the Linux Solution Day 2013, to be held on November, 7th, 2013 in Osnabrück.

All presentations of this years Linux Solution Days (including the Keynote, the Univention talk and an OwnCloud introduction) can be directly downloaded from the agenda page []. Of course there is also an archive [] of the years before.