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November 25, 2012 by Lundaa   Comments (0)

Hi Everyone !

I'm rather new to Zarafa, but it bugged me quite a bit to see that there wasn't a danish translation available. Are there anyone working on this ? - and how do I start or get to work helping on translating Zarafa to danish.

Yours Lundaa


Remon: Hi Lundaa, yes we have a quite large translation program, where we select the most complete and best from to be carried in the software. I saw that you have found the translator vulunteer form as well, so most of your questions should be known now. Danish is now 32% translated for software. So we can use your help!  (there is also a translators community hub group even. )

The Zarafa Collaboration Platform is used worldwide and in many languages. If you find your language missing for any of our project parts or manuals you can contribute by adding yours to the existing set.

Zarafa uses the Pootle online translation system which allows quick and low effort translation from within your browser, with almost instant results via our nightly builds for manuals.  For more information whats involved in using Pootle you can read the translations instructions in our public wiki.

Translators can submit a form on

Regards, Zarafa QA