Zarafa Cluster Backup 1.4.0

October 10, 2012 by Mike   Comments (0)


Dear Zarafa users,

I'm proud to anounce the availability of Zarafa Cluster Backup 1.4.0 which has been revamped in some ways.

Now it is also possible to use large LDAP-based directories with more than 1000 users in Active Directory (or any LDAP server with single-request sizelimits), the handling with logs has drastically been improved and it now is also possible to thread multiple cluster nodes (like for centralizing backups to one host from multiple nodes completely at the same time). Additionally multi-tenant support has been introduced, also public folders in general can be backed up now, too. Last but not least, zarafa-backup's direct call options can be configured now, so the most prominent -J flag for exclusion of Junk-Mails for backup is now in.

As usual, should you encounter any problems -> Let me know!

Have fun!