Integration of document management system (DMS/ECM) agorumĀ® core into WebApp

September 21, 2012 by Oliver Schulze   Comments (0)

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Together with Zarafa, we are currently implementing the integration between agorum® core and the WebApp of Zarafa. We are happy with the good collaboration with our Zarafa-colleagues from the Netherlands. Ivo van Doorn (Zarafa) has joined us at the agorum®-office in Germany for two days, to get the integration on its way. With his help on the initial code, we were able to continue working on this.

Ivo and me at work

And here is the first result of the joint efforts, in the screenshot. The document management system agorum® core has been integrated into the web interface (WebApp) of Zarafa groupware. In the middle you can see the directories and files from the DMS (ECM) and on the right side you can see a preview of a document. This is taken from our development system, it really allows you to look at the documents in agorum® without moving away from Zarafa WebApp.

Screenshot of the agorum® core WebApp integration

What will come next, what is planned? Well, the integration should allow a full use of the Enterprise Content Management within Zarafa. So for example, it is planned to integrate the powerful fulltext search of agorum® core and to enable drag&drop of e-mails from Zarafa into agorum® core, to archive them. A direct editing function for the documents should also be included. So you can edit them with one click, directly within Zarafa WebApp. Also a direct link to the agorum® core DMS-Drive should also be included. And many more things, that make a powerful document management system fully usable within the groupware Zarafa. 

A first version is planned to be made available within this year.

Stay tuned for further information!

Kind regards

Oliver Schulze