WebApp: the Dropbox plug-in

August 30, 2012 by Ivo Timmermans   Comments (1)

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Consider the following: you're on your holiday location, on some sunny beach in a country where the beaches are usually sunny and very warm. You forgot to turn off your phone this day, and suddenly it beeps because it received a text message. It's your boss. He writes:

  • Please check your e-mail, it's important! -boss

Okay. You ignore it, turn off your phone and doze off again in the sun.

Attachment from Dropbox

Then, later that day, sitting over dinner with the rest of your sunburnt travel company, you suddenly remember that message from your boss. You finish your dinner, and then slip to the nearest public internet PC. You were smart enough to not bring your laptop on your holiday, but your IT department did set up Zarafa WebApp.

You log on, you read your email. Lots of usual drivel, you ignore all of those, but there's one e-mail that stands out particularly. It's from a colleague, probably this is the e-mail that your boss was talking about. You open it up, and it brings a smile to your face.  He's organizing a company barbecue, and he asks you for that secret recipe for the spare ribs sauce.

No problem. You hit reply, type "Thanks for asking! My great-aunt Betsie used to make this and I wrote it down some time. It's attached." You click on "Attachments", select "Dropbox", you log on using your Dropbox account, you browse your Dropbox folders to the file and attach it to the e-mail. You hit send, log out and join the local night life.
Attachment from Dropbox

Next week, when you come back to the office well rested, you have the barbecue.  Lots of people come by to ask for that recipe.

This is the use case that we had in mind when creating the Dropbox attachment plugin for WebApp. The idea was brought up during the Zarafa Summercamp 2012, for the 48 hour feature run. We have the plugin ready, but we are waiting for approval from Dropbox before we release it on the community hub.

Zarafa WebApp already allows people to work from any location. Integrations like the Dropbox plugin allow them to also access data from other sources, while working with WebApp. Together with other integration plugins, like the SugarCRM integration, a user doesn't have to visit multiple sites or services to do his job - WebApp integrates and combines all of them in a single work environment.

In contrast to the Dropbox plugin, a more complex integration for document and file management is already provided by Zarafa for Zarafa WebAccess for the Alfresco document management system; and right now developers of Zarafa and Agorum are working together on building an integration between the two.