Zarafa-Cluster-Backup 1.3.0

August 28, 2012 by Mike   Comments (0)

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Hello all,

this is just a short note on updated zarafa-cluster-backup. It has some new features and is from now on more "update-safe", which means the config-section has been split from the real script itself. should help you use install it faster and easier. You can use it with every new release, as it does not simply overwrite your configuration from now on.

From changelog:

* 1.3.0 - major changes, added public folder backup

  Added support for public folder backup

  Split config file section from working script (easy updates)

  Fixed inverted multi-server LDAP-Filter setting

  Added simple cron example file

  Added simple install script (

The script works with Zarafa 6.40, 7.0.x and even the brand new 7.1.x series.