Z-admin 1.2.1 released

August 27, 2012 by Robin   Comments (0)

Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Z-Admin 1.2.1 final. In this minor maintenance release we added ZCP 7.1.0 final and Z-Push 2.0. This includes the new Zarafa-search option and better Z-Push support. We also added the option to hide users from the address book. Next to that we were able to fix some bugs.

You can update your machine from the yaffas repos. On Debian based OSes you will need to do apt-get dist-upgrade to install ZCP 7.1.

This is the list with all the improvements and fixes in Z-Admin 1.2.1:

Release Notes - Z-Admin - Version 1.2.1


  • [ADM-26] - "login failed" window is very thin (on first use?)
  • [ADM-35] - Changing hostname over gui causes connectivity loss
  • [ADM-84] - Starting fetchmail daemon fails
  • [ADM-93] - Setting invalid local notify email address
  • [ADM-128] - Backup fails if no full backup was made
  • [ADM-145] - Fix version numbers in both the GUI and the appliance
  • [ADM-146] - Multiple documentation issues
  • [ADM-159] - The WebApp will not load because apache cannot write in /var/lib/zarafa-webapp/tmp
  • [ADM-160] - Mention URL of WebApp in console interface and docs
  • [ADM-161] - One item remaining - Replace 'License' by 'Subscription'
  • [ADM-169] - missing language files for modules "orphanedstores" and "webaccess"
  • [ADM-170] - Missing dependency for php-pecl-json
  • [ADM-172] - Error: err_change_passwd in Setup Wizzard
  • [ADM-174] - Plus sign doesn't work in password field during AD join
  • [ADM-175] - Installation fails on Rhel 6
  • [ADM-176] - Error during installation of yaffas-security on rhel 6


New Feature

  • [ADM-133] - Hide specific users from global address book
  • [ADM-168] - z-push 2 suppport


  • [ADM-127] - Documentation for RHEL 6 installation


  • [ADM-171] - Update version number of the packages

For feedback on this release, please use our forums. Https://forums.zarafa.com


Kind regards,

Zarafa QA