Results of the 48 hour feature run @Summercamp 2012

June 27, 2012 by Remon van Gijn   Comments (0)

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As announced by Brian Joseph in his keynote speech, Zarafa has implemented several of the most promising ideas that were brought in by Summercamp visitors live onsite.

The following projects were picked up in this 48 hour feature run:


  • PDF attachment previewer: will be added to upcoming WebApp releases.


  • Setting delegate permissions from a command-line tool: this has been added to the Zarafa Collaboration Platform packages starting from 7.1.0.  It will be documented in the Administrator's manual. Update: this script is included in the zarafa-utils package starting from 7.1.0RC3.
  • Sizes configurable in KB, MB, GB, etc.: this was added to the core ZCP code, and will also be released with the 7.1.0 RC1 packages.


  • The result of the research of a live synchronization between Zarafa and Exchange is going to be published at a later time and announced in standard release notes.

Please note that the follow up QA processing might cause small changes or delay in publishing.