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WebApp: Welcome screen

November 22, 2012 by Simon Koster   Comments (0)

We have in the past decided to simplify the logon window by removing the language selection option. This was done to reserve some space for e.g. a third input field for two-factor authentication (see the blog post about Yubikey Zarafa authentication integration). The language can be set in the Settings application by the user after logging in. The server administrator can configure the language of the logon screen, but if the user wants to use another language, he's stuck with this until he has... Read full post

WebApp: Translating a plugin

November 14, 2012 by Simon Koster   Comments (0)

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With the recent release of WebApp 1.2, we have been a bit slow in publishing blog posts in this series. From the community of WebApp developers, we have received feedback (big thanks to Christof!) about the fuzziness of the available information on translating plugins. In one of our previous blog posts we already talked about how to use gettext in your code to allow your plugin to be availabe in different languages. But now we are going to talk about how to actually translate the sentences and... Read full post