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iOS 7 meeting request hijacking

November 11, 2013 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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Hello all,
in the last weeks we had several reports that using iOS 7, an issue, which iOS presented last year, came back. It is the so called "Meeting organizer hijacking" bug. It means that a meeting attendee suddenly turns into the meeting organizer and is able to send updates and cancellations to the other attendees.The original issue was caused by iOS 6. You can read all about it on the Zarafa technical... Read full post

iOS 6 meeting 'hijacking' and Z-Push 2.0.5 RC release

October 18, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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Yesterday we posted a technical blog post about the iOS 6 meeting 'hijacking' issue. Using iOS 6 in some cases an attendee can "take over" a meeting and send meeting cancellations to all other attendees. Read the full story at the Zarafa technical blog.
We have just released Z-Push 2.0.5 RC which contains a fix for this (and other) issues. Get the full details about this release here.
Your feedback and thoughts are very much appreciated.

Z-Push 2.0.4 final released (important)

October 11, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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We have just released 2.0.4 final which contains an important fix related to meeting requests.
We recommend the immediate update, as all meeting requests accepted or edited with 2.0.3 result in a wrong organizer which has major impact on the calendar and future actions.
More information is available in the Zarafa Alerts section and the Zarafa Forums.
Z-Push 2.0.4 can be downloaded here.

Z-Push 2.0 RC released

June 12, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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We have just released Z-Push 2.0 RC (build 1333).
This version fixes issues with Playbook's and Androids' (>=4.0.3) calendar. It also fixes the issue that a forwarded message has been truncated.The server-side search has been improved as well. The range and the folder in which the search was initiated are taken into account.Android 4 compatibility has been improved a lot with this release.Also a lot of other smaller fixes and improvements have been made.
A full list of fixes and the... Read full post

Changes in Z-Push's SVN

June 4, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

Hi all,
we have made some changes in the svn directory structure. The trunk moved into branches/z-push-1 and branches/z-push-2 into trunk/src. If you have a checkout of a trunk or z-push-2 branch you will have to switch your project into new location. Read here how to switch it.

Z-Push 2.0 beta4 released

May 18, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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We have just released Z-Push 2 beta4, the last beta planned for Z-Push 2. It fixed many minor issues reported by our community.
We would also like to thank a group of people at RIM which took the time to debug the Blackberry Playbook with he latest Z-Push 2 version together with us.
We are heading staight to the RC and then to the final version.
There are no real new visible features for the users, but stability and compatiblity was improved for all classes of devices.
A full list of fixes... Read full post

Z-Push 2.0 beta3 released

April 20, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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We have just released Z-Push 2 beta3. It fixed many issues reported by our community. Many thanks for that!
Two new features were introduced: - On your phone you can search in emails on the server which are not synchronized to the phone - As meeting organizer you see the status of attendees (accepted/declined/tentatively) on your phone
We also switched our Bugtracker. From this version on all tickets will be found there.
A full list of fixes and the download can be found here.
Greetings,... Read full post

Z-Push 2.0 beta2 released

March 15, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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We have just released the beta2 of Z-Push 2.0.
It contains many fixes reported by testers of the beta1. We would like to thank everybody who contributed with testing and reporting of issues! Please continue that way.
A full list of fixes and the download can be found here.
Z-Push dev team

Z-Push 2.0 beta1 released

February 11, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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We are very proud to announce the first beta version of Z-Push 2.
All desired API changes were implemented. Epic new functionality is available - a real real-time notification mechanism for the Zarafa Backend (requires ZCP 7.0.5).
An updated version of the Mobile Device Management Plugin for the Zarafa Webaccess, which supports Z-Push 2, was released. It has a new feature which allows resynchronising of the mobile devices.
Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 6.5 are now also supported.... Read full post

Z-Push 2.0 alpha5 (M5) released

January 14, 2012 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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Hi everybody,
today Z-Push 2.0 alpha5 was released.
This will be the last alpha version of Z-Push 2. Next step is to stabilize further the code so we can release a beta version. We need your feedback!
This version implements new sychronization functionalities used by new devices, like 'heartbeat' and the 'partial' sync. It also includes the command line utility 'z-push-admin' which allows you to administrate your devices. Besides of the known remote-wipe functionality, you can see there if... Read full post