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WebApp 1.3 API changes

February 12, 2013 by Monomon   Comments (0)

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'About' text
Perhaps the most visible change for plug-in developers is that each plug-in now has its own 'about' text.
This text appears in the 'about' section of Settings. For widgets, it can also be seen separately when a user clicks on the 'about' button in the widget's header. This button only appears if the widget registered the 'about' text.
In order to add about text to a plug-in, an 'about' property needs to be passed in its configuration:

Ext.applyIf( config, { about :... Read full post

WebApp Search Changes

November 30, 2012 by Monomon   Comments (0)

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In recent iterations of the WebApp search, we decided to make it more developer-friendly.
Constructing a search restriction was complicated by the fact that there were multiple ways of referring to MAPI properties.

How it works
Zarafa search conforms to MAPI; search terms are defined in the MAPI search restriction format (SRestriction).
This is a tree structure which contains operations, such as logical operators (AND, OR), and operands, which could be subrestrictions, property value... Read full post

WebApp: Change in the user interface classes

September 26, 2012 by Monomon   Comments (0)

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Up until now, with WebApp 1.1 as the last version, most content was put in windows. From a user's perspective, this meant that you could not (or only through workarounds) refer to e.g. a calendar appointment while you were replying to an e-mail. With the recent WebApp 1.2 previews (with 1.2.svn36382 as the first version), this has been changed so that content is now put in tabs instead. It's easy to switch between tabs to refer to other opened e-mails or tasks, etc.

This change is also... Read full post