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WebApp: Widgets

September 12, 2012 by Ivo van Doorn   Comments (0)

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Although plugins allow you to integrate new functionality into the WebApp, showing the user some information in a simple UI component in the 'Zarafa' tab or sidebar on the right might be quite useful as well. Think for example about the "Today's Appointments", "Facebook" or "Clock" widgets. Even more advanced functionality is possible where the user can play a game ("Shell game" widget) or create a new mail or appointment ("Quick Mail" and "Quick Appointment" widgets). In this Blogpost, we will... Read full post

WebApp: Global information

August 22, 2012 by Ivo van Doorn   Comments (0)

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When working with plugins, there will be times where you will be needing some globally available information. Consider the case where your plugin depends on a specific ZCP version, or you are integrating a third-party service into the WebApp which requires a username (which might be configured to be the same as the ZCP username, for example when both Zarafa and the service use the same LDAP tree). In those cases, you will need to obtain this information from the WebApp core, which is... Read full post

WebApp: Managing settings

July 25, 2012 by Ivo van Doorn   Comments (0)

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In the previous blog post, we described how plugins can offer the user some settings to configure the plugin's behavior.  However, we then focused only on adding new user interface components to the Settings interface. In this blogpost then, we will go deeper into working with settings, and show how they can be used by the plugin.

When Zarafa WebApp loads, all settings for the user are loaded into the Zarafa.settings.SettingsModel. This class is the main interface that can be used to... Read full post