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WebApp: Removing unwanted recipient suggestions

December 14, 2012 by bhavin   Comments (0)

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Every time user sends an email, WebApp maintains history of the used email addresses for suggestion purposes. All collected addresses are available as suggestions while the user is trying to fill address fields like “TO” and “CC” while creating, replying to or forwarding an email.

Starting from version 1.3.svn38734, WebApp has the option to delete any address from the suggestion list. When the suggestion list appears, the user can select any... Read full post

WebApp: Create new Category in Settings Context

July 18, 2012 by bhavin   Comments (0)

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At some point in the development of a plug-in, you'll likely want to allow the user to configure something. If you are creating a widget, then that process is explained in detail in the WebApp Developers' Manual: However, for plugins, the configuration is done through the "Settings" tab of the WebApp. There, besides the availability of the "Advanced Settings", plugins can add additional user... Read full post