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Quick release of updated Zarafa Outlook client

August 1, 2014 by Suyi  

Hi friends!
I would like to give you a short update before we head into the weekend at full speed. We’ve noticed that the automated Outlook patching mechanism needs tuning in some customer use cases. Customers have pointed out that some advanced collaboration features are disabled after the most recent Outlook patches. We have resolved this in the upcoming BETA release which is currently in our test lab. In the meanwhile, we would like to hand out the updated client. This updated windows... Read full post

Get your BETA2 of WebApp 1.6 (with a crucial fix!)

July 3, 2014 by Suyi  

Hi partners and friends,
Here is a short update from our side regarding the WebApp 1.6 BETA. As you may know, it was released two weeks ago. We thank the community members that have sent us feedback and input.
Some unpleasant bugs have come to our attention. With this second BETA release we want to address these issues:

When using the new HTML-editor (TinyMCE), [enters] are removed in your email (WA-6813).

In addition, we came across several issues during testing which were... Read full post

7.1.9 goes FINAL!

March 31, 2014 by Suyi  

Hello community,I am very keen to tell you about the immediate availability of the 7.1.9 FINAL. It has now been moved to the final stack, three weeks after the initial BETA release. This latest ZCP release can be used on production systems. I would like to address a few highlights of this release.7.1.9 HighlightsWhen you have checked out the BETA and/or RC release, you may already know to expect. However, I would like to give you the highlights of the 7.1.9 release once more:

We have... Read full post

7.1.9 RC1 freshly baked

March 24, 2014 by Suyi  

Good afternoon community,
Today, we would like to treat you to a new release. We are currently working on the maintenance release 7.1.9. This RC is the next step to a final release. We hope to get some feedback from you in the coming days because this will improve overall quality, for sure.
What you can expect in this RC1
We pointed out in our recent BETA announcement that several Zarafa-search issues would be addressed in the next release. One example is the attachment parser. This parser... Read full post

7.1.9 BETA1 up for download

March 12, 2014 by Suyi  

Good afternoon community,I'm happy to bring you the news about the immediate availability of 7.1.9 BETA1. This first BETA is a maintenance release in the ZCP 7.1 stack.What's in it?Since there were already a significant number of changes, we decided to push out an early beta release to give you the opportunity to test it in your own testing environment.Important fixes include:ZCP-12051: Profile pictures will now be displayed in the global address book. ZCP-12096: Re-enables advanced... Read full post

Urgent issues fixed in ZCP 7.1.8 r1

February 20, 2014 by Suyi  

Hi community,Today I come to you with important news with respect to the 7.1.8 release. We are pleased with the feedback on the latest ZCP release in the last week. Partners and customers identified various issues. We have labeled some of those issues as high priority. We came to the conclusion these issues need an urgent fix. That’s why we now release a revision of this 7.1.8.Which issues are fixed?The original 7.1.8 unfortunately introduced a nasty bug in Zarafa search. Some partners... Read full post

ZCP 7.1.8 RC release notification

January 23, 2014 by Suyi  

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Good afternoon partners, customers and friends,
Let me start off by wishing you a happy new year on behalf of everybody at Zarafa. Next on my list: the release candidate of 7.1.8. I would like to show you what you can expect in this successor of the BETA3 (that was released at the end of last year). If you just want to get going, use your ultra-fast reading skills and scroll to the bottom for the download links.
The redesign of the S/MIME implementation
As you could have already read... Read full post

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.1.8 beta 3

December 20, 2013 by Suyi   Comments (0)

We have a new BETA just before Christmas. We’ve named it BETA3 (yes, not very original). It was just uploaded to the server and available for download. We are really looking forward to your feedback. Please try this BETA out on your test system and let us know what you think. You can drop your feedback in the forums .
New in this BETA
We have been focusing a lot on S/MIME in this latest beta. With this release we’ve redesigned our S/MIME implementation. The changes regarding... Read full post

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.1.8 beta 2

November 12, 2013 by Suyi   Comments (0)

Good Morning!Today, we would like to start with a fresh BETA release of ZCP 7.1.8 that was just finished by our little release elves (ok, not really, but you get the point). Please,stop watching giraffe movies (we know how you feel) and spend a minute or two reading about what you can find in this release.Coming from BETA 1 to BETA 2 This 7.1.8 BETA 2 release is the designated successor of BETA1. It is dedicated to customer reported issues and also involves general maintenance. One... Read full post

ZCP 7.1.8 beta 1 and ZWS alpha 2

October 10, 2013 by Suyi  

Dear Zarafa administrators, users, engineers and fans,We are proud to announce the immediate availability of ZCP 7.1.8 beta 1. Next to this exciting release, we’ve also released an updated Zarafa client fixing the additional Microsoft Outlook 2013 compatibility. In this announcement, you can find more information regarding the newest releases. Introducing Zarafa Web Services (ZWS)Alpha packages available in first beta release 7.1.8We are very proud to announce the availability of the... Read full post