September 2015

Be productive with the final release of WebApp 2.1.0

September 29, 2015 by Bob Huisman   Comments (0)

We are proud to announce the availability of WebApp 2.1.0! Earlier this month the RC package has been released. Thank you all for testing and for providing feedback – the issues you reported have been resolved. This new version of WebApp introduces a massive amount of new features, most of which are based on feedback by you all: customers, partners and the community.
What changed since WebApp 2.0?
A lót of new features and improvements made their way into the WebApp 2.1 package.... Read full post

Announcing WebApp 2.1.0 RC 1

September 11, 2015 by Bob Huisman   Comments (0)

After a couple of weeks beta testing we are happy to announce the first release candidate for WebApp 2.1.0. Thank you all for the feedback we received. We have been able to resolve most of these issues reported by you and can even announce some new features!
What’s new since the beta release?
Aside from quite some fixes based on the feedback the beta released we also managed to squeeze in some features that might interest you!
Server side spellchecking
Not every browser has support... Read full post