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This site is the core of all the Zarafa Community movements and will allow its members to share created extensions and plugins to the Zarafa Collaboration Platform, as well as news and how-tos in the form of individual user blogs. Guest posts on Zarafa, MTAs and related stuff is welcome!

Currently the Zarafa Community Hub represents its own user database, to ensure compatibility with future integration plans with our forum, please use the same username as in our forum for your registration.


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New DSM5 compatible version of Zarafa for Synology NAS available

April 3, 2014 by Julian Dohle   Comments (0)


The recent version of the Zarafa SPK (0.5.5) for Synology NAS is now available through the Synology Package Center or the community Hub.
This version is compatible to the newly released firmware DSM5. It contains Zarafa 7.1.8 / Webapp 1.5 and Fetchmail 6.3.26 along with the Web Adminstration GUI which integrates seamless in the Synology DSM Interface.
The Upgrade is quite easy:

Create a backup of your DS (especially your Zarafa mysql Database)
Upgrade to Synology DSM5
Upgrade all... Read full post

7.1.9 goes FINAL!

March 31, 2014 by Suyi   Comments (0)

Hello community,I am very keen to tell you about the immediate availability of the 7.1.9 FINAL. It has now been moved to the final stack, three weeks after the initial BETA release. This latest ZCP release can be used on production systems. I would like to address a few highlights of this release.7.1.9 HighlightsWhen you have checked out the BETA and/or RC release, you may already know to expect. However, I would like to give you the highlights of the 7.1.9 release once more:

We have... Read full post

7.1.9 RC1 freshly baked

March 24, 2014 by Suyi   Comments (0)

Good afternoon community,
Today, we would like to treat you to a new release. We are currently working on the maintenance release 7.1.9. This RC is the next step to a final release. We hope to get some feedback from you in the coming days because this will improve overall quality, for sure.
What you can expect in this RC1
We pointed out in our recent BETA announcement that several Zarafa-search issues would be addressed in the next release. One example is the attachment parser. This parser... Read full post

7.1.9 BETA1 up for download

March 12, 2014 by Suyi   Comments (0)

Good afternoon community,I'm happy to bring you the news about the immediate availability of 7.1.9 BETA1. This first BETA is a maintenance release in the ZCP 7.1 stack.What's in it?Since there were already a significant number of changes, we decided to push out an early beta release to give you the opportunity to test it in your own testing environment.Important fixes include:ZCP-12051: Profile pictures will now be displayed in the global address book. ZCP-12096: Re-enables advanced... Read full post

Urgent issues fixed in ZCP 7.1.8 r1

February 20, 2014 by Suyi   Comments (0)

Hi community,Today I come to you with important news with respect to the 7.1.8 release. We are pleased with the feedback on the latest ZCP release in the last week. Partners and customers identified various issues. We have labeled some of those issues as high priority. We came to the conclusion these issues need an urgent fix. That’s why we now release a revision of this 7.1.8.Which issues are fixed?The original 7.1.8 unfortunately introduced a nasty bug in Zarafa search. Some partners... Read full post

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WebApp IMAP Importer

The IMAP Importer plugin enables the user to import existing email into his Zarafa account, just by filling in the account settings of an IMAP account.

Oxilion 103 days ago


WebApp Password Change

The Passwd plugin allows the user to change his password inside of WebApp.

Saket Patel 127 days ago



Import EGroupware data into Zarafa

Daniel Rauer 148 days ago


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Oxilion posted a comment on this project | WebApp IMAP Importer

Great, let us know if you run into any issues!

zmi posted a comment on this project | WebApp IMAP Importer

Starts in webapp 1.5, will test with the next user. Great plugin! (if it works :-)
(4 days ago)

zmi posted a comment on this project | WebApp Password Change

Great plugin! That's what I needed!
(4 days ago)

zmi posted a comment on this project | WebApp Contact Importer

Please update for webapp 1.5!
(4 days ago)

zmi posted a comment on this project | WebApp Ical Calendar Importer

Please update for webapp 1.5!
(4 days ago)

zmi posted a comment on this project | Mobile Device Management Plugin

Any chance to get this working for webapp 1.5? We use this in webaccess, and it's the only reason that we still keep webaccess! It's a great feature to initiate a remote wipe on a device!
(4 days ago)

zmi posted a comment on this project | WebApp OwnCloud attachment plug-in

Sounds like a great plugin. Chris, could you get it working in webapp 1.5 & owncloud 6?
(4 days ago)

unerieodokenh has an updated profile (14 days ago)

stefan.klees has an updated profile icon

(14 days ago)

Marco Gabriel posted a comment on this project | Zarafa fail2ban integration

What do you mean by "too overweight for normal Zarafa systems"?
(17 days ago)